Plug Welding

How to Plug Weld:

1. Drill a 5mm hole in the top metal panel.
2. Set the welder to MAX POWER unless you have a monster welder. But for small welders, start at max power. Use the SLOWEST wire feed speed. (Then adjust upwards until the wire does not burn back).
3. Position wire through hole into lower piece of metal, hold trigger for ½ to 1 second. The arc will sound harsh, unlike normal egg and bacon frying sound.
4. Check your plug!
• If it is about flush with the top sheet and fills the hole well done.
• If there is a bit of mound on the top, wire feed is too high.
• If you burnt through, you held the trigger too long
• If the top sheet that you drilled the hole in is no longer round, and burned around the hole, the hole is too big or the sheets were not clamped together tight enough. NOTE. It is very important that the 2 pieces of metal be clamped tightly together. If they are not, a less than perfect plug weld will occur. A properly implemented plug weld is strong and easy to work around.