Photo of the day: Mustang convertible takes plunge into waters of Mobile Bay

MustangOverBridgeWhat would be your first reaction to a wall of brake lights as you are cruising down the highway with no chance of stopping?  Would you hit the brakes and hope for the best or would you steer yourself off the road to avoid hitting other cars.

Well one woman in her Mustang convertible on Interstate 10 in Mobile, Alabama had to make this very decision as she encountered slower traffic.  Instead of slamming on her brakes she veered off the road but instead of driving safely onto a shoulder she crashed into and over a concrete wall only to fall twenty feet into the waters of Mobile Bay.

The only good thing about this story is she did not hit any vehicles and the water was only five feet deep.  After she landed in the water a local fisherman offered her a flotation device until help arrived.  She did have injuries but they were not life threatening.  A local towing company with a truck crane raised the Mustang from the water.  The Mustang convertible looks mangled.

Click on the photo below for a high-res version of it.