New Ford Racing 5.0L DOHC Aluminator Crate Engine ready for Forced Induction

Ford Racing keeps the crate engines coming as they release details for their latest addition, the 5.0L DOHC Aluminator that is ready for any type of forced induction you throw at it.  The new 5.0 Aluminator crate engine differs from the factory 5.0L engine in that its built with low compression forged pistons and H-beam connecting rods so it can handle supercharged applications.  The Aluminator crate engine is listed as Part # M-6007-A50SC and carries a price of $8,099.00.  Check below for a complete rundown on the features.
Ford Racing 5.0L DOHC Aluminator Crate Engine
  • Fits 2011-2012 Mustang GT
  • 5.0L (302 cubic inches)
  • 9.5:1 low compression ratio (nominal)
  • Mahle Hard Anodized forged pistons with Graphal low friction coating
  • Manley H-beam connecting rods with ARP bolts
  • Boss 302 valve springs, part no: M-6513-M50BR, provides higher seat open pressure for supercharged applications
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder block, part no: M-6010-A50L4V, features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength
  • Optimized oil drainback and windage control improve high-rpm performance
  • Large sump oil pan with 8qt capacity
  • Tuned composite intake manifold provides efficient air delivery and weight savings
  • 80 mm single bore “drive by wire” throttlebody
  • Four-valve-per-cylinder aluminum heads with roller-finger followers reduce friction
  • Includes manual transmission engine harness and flywheel
  • Vehicle harness and PCM not included
  • Includes machined front cover for Ford Racing Supercharger FEAD system
  • Features colder, heat range 0 spark plugs for supercharging, part no: M-12405-M50
  • Includes Ford Racing oil filter, part no: M-6731-FL820
  • Use our NEW wiring, PCM and installation kit M-6017-A504V designed for street rod/project car installation.
  • Does not include alternator, for alternator kit see M-8600-M50ALT
  • Remote Mount Filter Adapter M-6881-M50 available for applications requiring oil filter relocation
  • Engine mount bosses and bellhousing mount pattern common to 4.6L modular engines.
  • NOTE: Due to 9.5:1 compression ratio, custom tuning is required for optimum performance
  • Shown with optional 5.0L Mustang engine cover kit, Part No: M-9680-M50

Source: Ford Racing