My 2007 Shelby GT Has Been Sold


It has been a little over a month or so but as you can probably tell from the title and photo I have sold my 2007 Shelby GT.  I owned the Shelby for about 20 months and enjoyed driving it for the most part but in the end the lack of power had me hungry for more.  Now I am on to my next Mustang which will be my ninth in my 15-years of driving if I can find one I like.  The search has been ongoing after I knew the Shelby was sold and for the most part I have had no luck finding a replacement.  My standards might be to high but I am looking for a low mileage 2003-04 Cobra convertible again as I previously owned a 2003 Cobra convertible in Yellow.  The color is also something I am picky about as it has to be either Silver or White and maybe Yellow again if the price is right.  Really what I am looking for is a 10th anniversary 2003 Cobra convertible in Silver.  They made 2003 anniversary models but not sure how many in Silver so it might be tough to come by one.  The mileage is also another selling point as I would like one under 10K.  As the search continues I will try and keep you guys updated and if I buy another Mustang the photos will be up that day so keep checking back.  If anybody has a lead for me on a low mileage 03-04 Cobra convertible let me know about it in the comments.

Below I have posted all the Mustangs I have owned if anybody cares.

Mustangs I have Owned:

1990 Mustang GT (White) – Sold

1991 5.0 LX Coupe (Black) – Sold

1990 Mustang GT convertible (Coral Reef Blue w/White leather) STOLEN

1997 SVT Cobra coupe (Red) – Sold

2001 SVT Cobra coupe (White) Sold

2003 SVT Cobra convertible (Yellow) – Sold

1992 5.0 LX convertible (Calypso Green w/White leather) – Sold

2007 Shelby GT (white w/silver stripes) – Sold