Mark Fields Hints at new BOSS Mustang

ford_mustang_boss_302Its been no secret the resurrection of the BOSS nameplate has been rumored for quite somtime and although Ford Racing brought back the BOSS 302R as a race ready Mustang many enthusiasts have been salivating for the real deal.

We may have come one step closer as Mark Fields, President of the Americas for Ford Motor Company recently hinted about the return of the legendary BOSS nameplate during a Ford 2010 Dealer Show as he was quoted as saying,

“We did the Bullitt, we did a Mach 1, we did the C/S.  I can’t tell you what the next special edition Mustang will be, but I can give you a hint.”

After his words a 1970 Boss 302 drove across the stage and fields said “Is that a subtle enough hint?”