January 2011 Ford Mustang Sales Figures: Third Lowest Monthly Sales Total Ever


In the 47 years Ford Motor Motor Company has been selling the Ford Mustang only two other times have they ever had a lower month of sales.  This past January marks the third lowest monthly sales total for the Ford Mustang ever.  January 2011 joins February and January of 2009 as the lowest monthly sales total ever in the 47 year history of the Ford Mustang.   Whats even more shocking is they are posting these kinds of numbers with arguably the best Ford Mustang ever built being offered to the public.

GM’s Camaro is not fairing much better with a January sales total of  4,763 but keep in mind they are only offering coupes.  The 2011 Camaro convertible began production this month and should be hitting dealers in February so thier monthly sales numbers will only climb.

What does the future hold for the Mustang?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Check below for a complete breakdown of January’s Mustang sales numbers.

Sales of the Ford Mustang for January of 2011 were 3,165 compared to 4,747 from January of 2010 showing a 33.3% decrease in sales from the previous year.  Year to date Mustang sales are 3,165 compared to 4,747 for 2010, which is a 33.3% decrease.

Month to Month sales decreased sharply as December 2010 sales were 5,452 compared to January 2011 sales of 3,165 which is a 42% decrease.

Taking a look at the competition the Chevrolet Camaro sold 4,763 and the Dodge Challenger sold 2,526 units for December.

Previous Months sales figures are below:

December – 5,452

November – 4,093

October – 5,317

September – 5,760

August – 5,570

July 2010 – 7,489

June 2010 – 8,974

May 2010 – 10,225

April 2010 – 5,145

March 2010 – 5,829

February 2010 – 5,115

January 2010 – 4,747

2009 Ford Mustang sales figures

  1. I am planning on buying a Mustang in the next year but i may wait and get one a year or so old. I think with the dealers marking these up 30-40% doesn’t help and with the economy the way it is, that may be influecing sales. I don’t know why the Camaro is selling more except they have been selling the new style for a year longer? And with it being in the Transformers movie, that has also helped sales numbers. I also think another reason may be that Ford is offering incentives on every model they sell except the Mustang? Why?
    My sole reasong for buying a Mustang as opposed to a Camarao is that Ford didn’t take any Government money and i just have always loved Mustangs.

  2. I’ve owned nothing but Mustangs since 1972. I currently own an 06 GT.
    2 reasons I won’t buy now
    – Ford needs to be realistic on their prices – I refuse to pay 35,000 plus for a Mustang GT loaded out. They also need to get creative on financing- How about a $2000.00 rebate plus 0% financing for 60 months
    – The rear-ends are butt-ugly. The rear needs a re-design – QUICK. Because of this flaw, Mustang enthusiasts are waiting to see what the re-designed 2014 will look like.
    Ford, I hope you’re listening.

    1. Jim Elsasser pegged it. I’m a Mustang lover, but I don’t like this one. Even with the new 5.0 and horsepower boost, the current Mustang design is butt ugly. I don’t know who bought into that rear-end design, but Ford needs to fire him quick – if not already. The ride is also poor. I rented one for two weeks and swore never to rent another, much less buy it. The rear-end is a design failure along with the unsettled nature of the rear suspension. The sooner the Mustang goes to IRS and dumps that truck rear-end, the better… and they can do it without a substantial up-tick in price

  3. I agree with Jim and the price for these Mustangs…
    They are sweet but i may actually wait a couple years to buy one when they come down in price and they do need a redesigned back end..
    They need to get on the ball with incentives for the Mustangs..

  4. I agree with both of you. Back in the 80’s, 90’s and even into the 00’s the Mustang was affordable for most everybody no matter the income level but now the price is beyond anyones realistic budget.

    People also have more choices these days and the Mustang has alot of competition not only from the Camaro and Challenger but from four door cars as well.

  5. What price performance? When the average price of a regular family car with a mid-range V6 is around $25k it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to get a new 400+ hp Camaro, Mustang or Challenger for sub-25k so get over it. I’d love the ’11 GT w/6 speed and not much else, but my wife suggested one of the remaining ’10s the local Ford/Roush dealer has-they’re loaded Premiums AND cheaper than the Deluxe I’ve got my eye one (example, ’10 used to be 36k, now it’s 28k). She’s got a point, and when the salesman mentioned they install s-chargers and they warranty it I’m thinking not a bad way to go.

    As for incentives, seek and ye shall find. Might not have a rebate, but I’ve always thought rebates just meant they overpriced the car to begin with-and my Dad agrees, as he’s been selling cars for 30+ years. There’s other ways to negotiate $$ off the price, just work with the dealer and be realistic.

  6. Government Motors is very good about brainwashing people about their products. All I can say is the folks who are buying these ugly Transformer cars are sure missing out on a treat, the Coyote powered Mustang.. . ,

  7. I have had an order in for two months and they haven’t even given me a production/delivery date! my first time buying American and can’t believe how bad it’s been. never waited this long…. ever!

  8. I’m thinking of buying but am sort of pissed at Ford for the pricing – I want sync but don’t want leather, so sync costs +$3500. I can buy sync by itself on a focus, why not a Mustang? And, much as the GT is cool, $5500 over the V6+Performance Pack is robbery. The V8 doesn’t cost anywhere near that over the v6, Ford is just trying to squeeze another 3-4k out of everyone. So, fix the order form and prices. Let me buy a GT for +$2500 over V6 + performance pack. Let me buy sync without Premium.

  9. Amen BG – Pricing for Mustang GT’s has gotten out of hand. Ford has gotten away from reasonable pricing for the GT and put it close to a heavily discounted Corvette. Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Ford Blue, but the Mustang is no Corvette., Nor was it meant to be. In 05 – you could get a new moderately-equipped Mustang for 27,500. For 2011, you’re hovering close to $40,000

  10. The pricing is out of whack. I got a used bullitt for the price of a 2010 v-6 and got the warranty extended out. So I wound up with a faster car and leather seats. I also agree that the tail end is not the most attractive. The 08 tail lights look much better, although the sequential turn signals rocks.

  11. OK, so you all have given convincing reasons for people to stay away from Ford dealers; pricing is indeed out of whack. But has anyone been to any of the other Mustang Forums on the net. There are SOOOO many people that have had problems with their new 2011 Mustangs – it’s insane!! From problems with engine ticking to clutch problems to grinding gears; and Ford has NOT been pro-active in fixing these problems. And this is not counting the “little” problems (sqeaks, rattles, burnt-out bulbs) that occur in many new cars.
    I know that having a new engine and transmission in the 2011’s was supposed to be “the next great thing” for Mustang, but word is getting around (fast) to stay away from the 2011’s – let Ford figure out what the heck is wrong and hopefully fix them for the 2012’s. Noone wants to be spending “too much money” and get a car that has to be in the shop on a regular basis.

  12. Hmm I got 11′ gt premium with 3:73s and 19in wheels for 31k I’d say I got a good deal considering my 06 gt premium was over 30k as well

  13. I think as gas goes up these cars will probably drop in price. I actually got a price of 28k for a base GT from my local dealer but unfortunately i also got some unexpected bills at the time i wanted to deal and had to pass. I will be purchasing one by then end of the year.

    1. It’s a good idea to wait till they are trying to get the 11’s out of the way for the 12’s. The dealer has incentive to get rid of old stock and you get a good deal. Play hardball. Only problem is you get what they have left and Brembos and 3.73 gears aren’t likely.

  14. best advice i can give to ford is lower ur prices ford’s cheap cars r not worth the price. cheaper cheaper cheaper… bring the prices down n i will garantee more sales. O n fired the guy who disigned the 2011 mustang that disign is a joke hell a 10 year old hand do better disigns. its a MUSTANG the disign has to be eye catchin in a good way not ugly. give the people what they want disign a better lookin mustang PLEASE

  15. I bought my very first Mustang GT 5.0 on January 1, 2011. I’ve got over 12,000 miles on the car and it runs great on either regular or premium fuel. The only difficulty I’ve had is keeping it under the speed limit; 412 horses like to run fast without even breaking a sweat. The 6-speed automatic transmission is very smooth, and it’s so much fun going up hills and over the canyon roads between the San Fernando Valley and Malibu. I love the look of the car especially the front end; but also the back with those angled up tail lights which I way prefer over the previous designs. This Mustang looks like it’s moving even when it’s parked. I love it.

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