Jack Roush Crashes Plane at EAA Air Venture in Wisconsin

jack_roush_plane_crashIt was a close call for Jack Roush as he attempted to land his Hawker/Beechcraft Premier 390 plane in Wisconsin at Wittman Regional Airport for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual Air Venture convention.

Roush attempted to land the plane and then hit the runway with the nose of the plane causing it to crash and break in two.  Roush sustained severe facial injuries which you can see in a photo below.  He was admitted to the hospital in stable condition and is said to be doing well.  Doctors have said he will make a full recovery.  As for his flying days, they might be coming to an end as this is his second plane crash in 8 years.  Check out a few photos after the jump…

Source: Sam Smith @ Jalopnik