Integrated Blind Spot Mirror on 2011 Mustang more trouble than its worth


The new first of its kind integrated blind spot mirror for the 2011 Mustang was a cool idea but did Ford ever test these mirrors in the real world.  The side view mirror with the little blind spot mirror has given me more trouble than its really worth.  I have had nothing but trouble with this thing and its almost done me in several times.I am someone who uses my side view and rear view mirrors religiously.  I do not turn my head and look back for other cars as I have never had the need to do it.

My big gripe with the new side view mirrors is when I check my mirrors its for a split second at times and when I see two different images in those mirrors it throws me off completely.  Maybe its just hard to get use to these new mirrors but for me I have almost been in at least ten accidents.  These type of mirrors are definitely handy on trucks and larger cars, I just don’t see the need for them on Mustangs .  I drive a 2500 Dodge truck for work and they come in handy but as small as the mirror is on the Mustang its difficult to make out whats in the image.  Thats my mini rant for now.  Let me know if you have similar issues with these mirrors.

  1. I have had no issues with these small mirrors and common sense tells you to turn your head and look before changing lanes and that’s what we were taught to do in driver’s education class.

    1. Yeah I love these mirrors, they work when you get used to them. Several times a car has been in my blind spot and I’ve seen them in the small mirror.

  2. I have a 2011 mustang with these mirrors and at first I was not a big fan, but having had the car for 10 months I don’t mind the blind spot mirror and have used them with out any problems, but I will say it took some time for me to get used to them.

  3. I have the 2011 mustang. The blind spot mirrors are a little small but can be useful.
    Better to physically turn your head and look before you change lanes. I love my mustang too much.

  4. I also don’t like the postage-stamp sized “blind spot” mirrors. If you were worth a darn, you would position the regular mirrors correctly to cover your blind spot, WITHOUT having to turn your head – that’s what the darn mirrors are for. Those that turn their heads don’t know how to position their mirrors, no matter that the driver’s ed teacher taught them that – he just wanted to live through the day!

    These postage stamp size mirrors are a distraction for people that know what they’re doing, and should be an option for people that like to turn their heads anyway!

  5. I ride a motorcycle and own several mustangs. I know from motorcycle experience that people SHOULD check their mirrors AND look over their shoulder. Too many times I see drivers look in their mirrors and I know they didn’t see me or are not paying attention so I, unfortunately, have to be the better driver/rider.

    Call me cautious but I don’t trust mirrors..someone’s life is too important for me to have to stand in front of a judge and whine because Ford made the mirrors too small/incorrect/etc..etc!

    1. I was absolutely disgusted by these stupid convex mirrors … I use the ENTIRE MIRROR to track things that are around me. *I* TURN to look before the change just to make sure I’ve not missed something.. and that is what EVERY DRIVER should be doing!

      These should be an option *at best* … or should be outside the NORMAL mirror’s shape, rather than take away the corners we’ve used for years .. whether we realize we have or not …

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