Hallett CarFX Project Car on December ’09 Cover of 5.0 Mustang Wrecks

800x600_mcrash02If you have read the latest issue of 5.0 Mustang magazine you might recognize the wrecked Mustang in the photo.  It’s one of the three Hallett CarFX project cars on the December 2009 cover of 5.0 Mustang.  The Hallett CarFX wrecked on a track in Jennings, Oklahoma.  The driver lost control and crashed into the tires flipping the car on it’s roof.  The whole experience was captured with some pretty sweet photography.  When it came to rest the Hallett CarFX Mustang was sitting upside down with the roof completely crushed.  Thankfully the driver and passenger were not injured.  The Mustang did have a bolt-in roll cage but it was pushed through the floor board as a result of the Mustang landing on the roof.  I bet next time they will weld the roll cage in.

Check out the amazing photos after the jump.