First 2015 Ford Mustang Wrecked?


Its hard to stomach this photo but yes somebody wrecked a brand new Triple Yellow 2015 Ford Mustang in Dallas, Texas. Could this be the first 2015 Mustang wrecked on the planet, it might be but then again how would we ever know. From the photo we can tell its a V6 or EcoBoost model and definitely not a GT. Keep reading for a larger photo.

**Update** – More photos added and they reveal this new Mustang only had 469 miles on the odometer and its a V6. Another funny thing when you look at the photos you will realize the airbags did not go off. How do the airbags not deploy in a wreck like this? This puzzles and worries me at the same time. I am not investigator but from the photos it looks like this new pony hit a pole of some sorts head on.