Engine Problems with my 2011 Mustang GT


Just as the headline reads I had engine problems with my new 2011 Mustang GT which only has 735 miles on the odometer.  Its hard to believe with so few miles anything could go wrong but it did.  I was on my way home from an ice cream run with my young son when for no apparent reason the car just bogged down and would not accelerate past a certain point but it was driveable.  I also noticed the check engine light came on which made me feel better as the computer new something was wrong.  I managed to limp the car home and the next morning I took it straight to the Ford dealership.

To make a long story short the Ford technician told me the #7 cylinder misfired thus causing the computer to put the engine in safe mode.  When in safe mode the engine only runs on limited power which caused the issues I was having with loss of acceleration and reduced power.  In the end a bad ignition coil was the culprit so it was replaced and I had my Mustang back within 8 hours.

Lets hope this is the last issue I have.  If you have had any issues with your 2011 Ford Mustang GT let me know in the comments.

  1. had that happen one day with my 05′ (auto) it was pretty new. it just wouldnt shift to 2nd gear I pulled over stopped(turned off) the car. and started it back up everything worked fine never had another problem. Hope you have the same luck as me.

  2. I have 2011 gt (auto) and my engine gets lack of power while my car in initial motion (less than 15 mile/hr.) with sudden acceleration. rpm goes to 3 or 4 and suddenly its ZERO then it starts launch (regardless to the weather & A/C is off) actually i faced the same many times. i took it 2 times to FORD dealership and I wait their answer to solve it.

  3. It’s pretty much a whole new engine with ALOT of new technology. It’s no suprise for there to be a few problems in the first year or two. I’m sure once all the bugs are worked out, this new 5.0 will be just as lengendary as the original.

  4. I had the exact same problem with my 2011 5.0 mustang today. I was so mad that I couldnt get it over 65 on the way home from work and it took me forever to get it to 65. I thought I was going to get ran over getting off the ramp onto the interstate. It kept bogging down at the stop lights I thought it was going to die. Then as I tried to take off it felt like I was starting in 5th gear because it did not want to move. Mine had a funny smell on though. do you remember having any strange smell. I am taking it to the shop first thing in the morning. I have very little miles and this really ruined my whole night. I really hope my problem is fixed as easily as yours was.

    1. I have experienced a loss of power with my 2011 5.0 also and I noticed that the engine now has a ticking sound. I took it back to the Ford dealer and they tried to tell me that the problem was my aftermarket exhaust. They told me that the could not diagnos the problem unless I put the stock exhaust back on the vehicle. I put the stock exhaust back on and I am taking it back to the dealer today. I will send an update post after I find out what the dealer says.

  5. I have a 2011 mustang gt 5.0 and i stopped at a convenience store to grab a few items. I started the Mustang up and it ran real bad and rough, So i left the store and I had no acceleration at all. About 2 or 3 miles down the road I decided to turn it off sit for about 30 secs and restart the vehicle. The car ran perfect after that incident. Well I was lucky enough to throw a check engine code and I had it checked by Ford. My case is still open waiting for an update for the computer system that Ford is presently working on. Apparently Ford knows about the problem and is fixing it. When the update comes out I will let all of you know.

  6. well for all of you with problems. i have a 2011 mustang gt 5.0 with 2500 miles and number 8 piston is busted. ford voided my warranty and i have to fix the car myself. there are TONS of other mustangs with the same problems. go to google and type cylinder 8 misifire and start reading. youll discover that theres a defect in the new motors and ford DOES NOT WANT TO FIX THEM. FORD IS A JOKE. but figured i would let yall know since i bout a 40000 dollar car and have no warranty now.

  7. Hey, I have the same mustang with 3,000 miles, and the check engine light went on for no noticeable reason. It feels fine, any idea what it might be?

    1. i just encounter the same problem with my 2011 ford mustang. All of a sudden while driving this mustang, I began to lose engine power as if I was out of gas. But the funny thing about this was that I had a full tank of gas. I would actually have to turn the car off in traffic and restart it again then place the car in neutral floor the gas until it gets enought rpm and drive…seconds later the car loses power again.

      what is going on?

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