eBay: Wrecked 2012 Mustang Boss 302 looking for new home


Mustang Boss 302 #0264 has found its way to eBay courtesy of a drunk driver who ran the owner off the road.  The totaled 2012 Mustang Boss 302 has just over 1,600 miles on the odometer with the engine and transmission still intact, it actually starts and runs according to the owner.  From the photos you can see the Boss rolled at least once and was hit hard on the drivers side when the accident took place.

Oh the possibilities for a project car with the engine and drivetrain from a new Mustang Boss 302.  I am sure some of you out there are already plotting how to explain this purchase to your wives.

The auction has a Buy It Now price of $20,000 and the owners are open to offers.  There is still 4 days left on the auction.  Check out the eBay auction here.