Ebay: 2008 Bullitt Mustang with Bullet Holes

BullittBulletHoles-1At first glance you might be saying to yourself this is not a 2008 Bullitt Mustang because the car is painted silver but upon closer inspection the Mustang was repainted silver from it’s original color of black which Ford did make.  The Bullitt Mustang with two Bullet holes in the passenger door was seized by authorities in a drug related crime.  The Bullitt Mustang is in pretty bad condition with scrapes, scratches, dents and dings all over the car not to mention the backyard silver paint job.  This Bullitt is going to need some serious TLC to return to it’s former glory.  This is a no reserve auction with the highest bid so far at $5,100, this could turn out to be a steal for someone if the price does not get to high.

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