Dashcam Video Captures Valet Driver Crashing 5.0 Mustang in Dubai

ValetCrashDubai (3)

Dashcam video captured the whole scene as a valet driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake and crashed out of control into a pillar of a Dubai hotel.

The video shows the valet driver cruise past a few barricades and down into a garage but something goes wrong as the Ford Mustang wrecks into a pillar.

The owner of the Mustang, a Dutch expat working for an oil and gas company in Dubai said he holds no grudge toward the valet driver. He goes on to say it was a mistake and he forgives him.

From the photos below you can see the Mustang is probably totaled with severed front end damage. In addition to the exterior damage the interior was painted red with blood from the valet driver as he suffered facial injuries.

The manager of the hotel said their insurance will pay for all repairs no matter how extensive. The manager also says he will provide the owner with a car of his choice even if he should want a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Check out all the photos and dashcam video below.

Source: dailymail.co.uk