Craigslist Find: Jet-Powered 1967 Mustang producing 10,000 horsepower


Hold the Cobra Jet jokes as this powerful and unique 1967 Ford Mustang is nothing to joke about.  Its called the “Krispy Kritter” and for good reason as its powered by a 10,000 horsepower Westinghouse J34 Jet Engine salvaged from a U.S. Navy Banshee fighter jet.  It recently came up for sale by someone who posted an ad on Craigslist in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Mustang was originally built by Ted Trischler back in the late 60’s at his body shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from a 1967 Mustang body in white he purchased from Northland Ford.  Ted cut the entire middle section of the Mustang out to make room for the enormous fighter jet engine. Other parts used for the build included a front axle from a 1939 Plymouth , brakes from a 1958 Buick, aircraft struts used as shocks and the throttle and parachute controls were designed for a boat.

Its truly an amazing piece of machinery or in this case a Mustang.  Check out some photos and a video below of the Krispy Kritter.  In the video they talk about the Mustang at the 4:12 mark. Enjoy…