Brighten up your dash lights

Classic lights have always been a problem.  Headlights were yellow and dim, dash lights were dim, under hood lights were dim. But with newer technology, this does not need to be a problem any longer. In this article, I will cover dash light upgrades.

The most economical way to brighten up your dash lights is to purchase either a lighting kit or individual lights and make your own kit. More specifically i am referring to LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. The lights come in various colors (white, blue, green, red and amber),  so you can not only brighten up your dash, but customize it as well.

One advantage to the LED’s is that they last for a long – long time.  A second advantage is that they use a lot less current and that is always good.  It leaves more for your sound system.

When replacing your bulbs, the white ones are no problem, if you are replacing a white bulb with a colored one, just insert the bulb into the socket and twist to locki it in.  But, if you are replacing the turn signal bulbs, use a green or the color of your choice, but you must remove the small blue cover inside the bezel. If you do not remove the bezel, the light will not be the color you want.  If you insert a white light in the Turn signal socket, you will get blue turn signal lights.  If you insert any other color, you will get a weird combination. Anyway if you want the same green turn signal lights as before, use a green light and remove the blue cap that went over it in the bezel.

To remove the cap, use a small knife to gently cut away the melted tips that stick through the instrument clusters backside.  Then separate the cluster and remove the cap. You can drill the ends off a well.  Be careful.

I hope it was understood that you have to remove the instrument cluster from the vehicle to accomplish this task. All you need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver and about 1/2 hour to accomplish the whole process.

The kit can be ordered from any place that sell Scott Drake parts, or get the bulbs separately at your corner parts store. The bulb number may differ, but it replaces a dash 1895 bulb.