Artist creates Sharpie Marker masterpiece on 1999 Mustang GT

SharpieMustangArt (11)

Artist Chris Dunlop known as ‘Pinstripe Chris’ has a very unique talent that involves a common household item, the Sharpie Marker.  A pinstriper by trade Chris took notice of another artist’s work with a Sharpie Marker and a Lamborghini Gallardo in 2010.  Ever since than Chris has been free handing his artistic creations on anything he can get his hands on including automobiles.  His latest creation is an amazing free hand designwith a Sharpie marker on a 1999 Mustang GT which took him around 50 hours.  A layer of clear-coat paint makes his work permanent and long lasting for all to see for years to come.  Check out the complete gallery of his free hand Sharpie work below.

Source: Pinstripe Chris