Amy Boylan is no longer at Shelby American

AmyBoylanAccording to a recent press release from Shelby American, Amy Boylan left her role as President of Shelby American on April 23rd for unspecified reasons.  Boylan joined Shelby American in 2005 as the company was in financial disarray and desperately in need of new leadership.  She is credited with turning around Carroll Shelby’s empire one contract at a time.

“I’ve an idea of what is ahead of the auto industry, so it just makes sense to focus on our post title car, performance tuning and parts businesses,” said Shelby American founder Carroll Shelby. “Amy Boylan joined us at a critical point. She and her team did an excellent job moving the company forward and fulfilling my plans during her time here. Now we’ve come full circle and are taking an exciting new direction with the Shelby brand.”

Also in the press release from Shelby American it explains the company is being reshaped for the future which includes concentrating more on its post-title packages.

Over on, Amy left a farewell letter of sorts which I will post below.



Now that everything is official , I wanted to write and thank you for all the support and all the friendships, thank you for making my job so enjoyable and satisfying. You are great friends and supporters of the brand and passionate warriors when it comes to support and helping us get to every level we attained in the last 5 years.  As I always say it takes a great team to get a company to the highest levels and you all, are part of that team! Without all of you this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you for the all the emails and PM’s. They were  and are appreciated very much. Please support the current management the way you supported me, they continue to work hard for you.

My personal thanks to Gary Davis, Gary Patterson , Roger Sorrel, Jim Owens, Vicki Prock, Joann Mansel, Terri Youngblood, Robert Lane, Sharon Elliot, Randy Roberts, Jim Wicks, David Apgar, Mid America Team, Bud Mahoney Tracey Smith, John Luft and their teams for their hard work, support and friendships.

Amy B
New email is [email protected]