‘American Pony Builders’ TV show concept tries to gain traction


A new TV show concept dubbed ‘American Pony Builders’ comes our way from the guys at R&A Motorsports who came up with an idea for a reality show centered around the Ford Mustang.  The TV show would feature Jeff Yergovich, R&A’s shop sales manager and 35-year veteran of restoring Shelby’s and Ford Mustangs as the host. The general concept behind the show would include Yergovich giving you an inside look at restorations of Shelby’s and Mustangs along with showcasing various events, car shows, auctions and products he uses for his shop.

So far Jeff and R&A Motorsports have made the initial leap of faith for the show by filming a trailer for TV networks and fans to see what the show could be.  Check out the trailer below or head on over to AmericanPonyBuilders.com to get the latest on their journey.