American Muscle announces 2nd Annual Mustang Mayhem: Coyote vs. GT500


American Muscle announces plans to follow up its highly successful 2013 Mustang Mayhem event with another but this time around they are in search of 8 Mustangs rather than six.

This year American Muscle is on the lookout for 8 pony’s with 4 being bolt-on GT500’s and 4 being 2011+ GT’s with serious power. The event which is planned for April 4th will offer free dyno pulls, free food and a fun atmosphere to all at AM’s headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

If you think your Mustang has what it takes to lay down some serious horsepower respond to the entry form below.

For more on the 2nd Annual Mustang Mayhem event check out all the details below.

Press Release:

2nd Annual Mustang Mayhem: Coyote vs. GT500 is searching for 8 Mustangs—4 bolt-on GT500’s and 4 powerful 2011+ GT’s—for free dyno pulls,
free food and an all-around fun time at the AM’s headquarters. This year’s Mustang Mayhem pits a 4 car team of
high-powered Coyote Mustangs vs. 4 bolt-on GT500s to see what group can lay down highest combined horsepower
total, and to do that we need eight participants.

Mustang Mayhem is a 1 day event being held on April 4th of this year. Chosen cars and their owners should arrive by
9AM est.

On AmericanMuscle’s Dynojet 224xLC dyno located at our main headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Who Can Participate:
Anyone with a 2011+ GT or 2007+ GT500 putting down over 500 horsepower at the rear wheels can enter. We’ll be
selecting eight Mustangs to participate between now and when we close applications on March 6th, 2014.

Free Food, Prizes & a Whole Lot of Fun
In addition to t-shirts for everyone and trophies for the winning team, everyone participating gets a gift certificate to Members of the winning team receive $150 in AM credit each with the second lace team
receiving $75 for their participation. Everyone will get a chance to check out the AM fleet of Mustangs as well as enjoy
free food and drinks throughout the day.


2013 Mustang Mayhem: