$300,000 Twin-Turbo Mustang Outlaw Drag Car Stolen



Update: The owner of the vehicle has put together a nice letter for the person or persons who made off with his Mustang.  You can read the letter below.  Not sure this is the way to get your car back but maybe it will work.


By now, you must realize that you can never own or race this car. The awesome power of the internet has put pictures of every inch of it onto every imaginable forum. This will only get worse with time.

There are yellowbulleters that are truckers, port authorities, cops, racers, track owners, shop owners, vendors, painters, tuners, mechanics, interstate camera guys, you name it. Your UPS guy just might have seen the car on his favorite Yugo forum, so it’s just a matter of time before someone puts it together. Sooner or later, someone will notice you have an unfamiliar car under a cover somewhere, and that it doesn’t quite add up. One day, he’ll stumble across a website and bells will go off in his head.

Just about every part on that car is unique and custom. Every single part is high-end stuff, only used by cars with huge power levels. There are only so many people that use parts like these. We know most of these people, and our friends here know the rest of them. Even internationally. Our friends have probably already emailed your friends with pictures and information about the theft. The parts can’t be sold, they’re worthless to you. They can’t be repaired without being identified. Even if you sold them, one day those parts will need repair and the manufacturer will recognize them. They will then be traced back to you. Faced with stolen parts charges, your buyer will quickly roll over on you.

The engine is so custom that anyone capable of rebuilding it will recognize who it was built by, and red flags will go off. All it takes is one set of rods, lifters, crank, a needed valve job or whatever. How many race head shops are there? How often do Blue Thunder heads really come through? How many of them already got our email forwarded to them? Just on this site alone, there were something like 12,000 views within 8 hours of the original post. That’s 12,000 people on day 1 that are now looking closely for you, or any part that comes off that car. And that was day 1, before it spread to every Ford, Chevy, Honda, Nissan, Dodge, Buick, Fiat, Volvo, and Yugo forum there is. Google “Josh Klugger” and see for yourself.

The RacePak? Serial Number. Big Stuff? Serial Number. Heads? Serial Number. MSD box? You see what I’m saying? Need the converter rebuilt? It was custom built for us, and would be easily recognized. Tranny? Custom internal mods. Rear end & suspension? prototype from Alston Chassis. Wheels? Custom offset and beadlocks made just for us by our good friends at Holeshot. Turbos? Joe @ Precision will be watching for them. This car, and it’s parts, are worthless to you. Even if you managed to sell some parts, every part you sell is a part that could later be identified and eventually traced back to you. The more you sell, the greater the risk of identification.

You certainly couldn’t sell the car as a whole to a legitimate buyer. Title, VIN, recognizable car. It’s also a real Mach1. How many real Mach1 race cars do you think there are? And a sudden influx of high end parts to your car would certainly raise suspicion, wouldn’t they? If you go faster, people will notice. So if the parts are no good to use or sell, the car is not sellable as a whole, keeping it around is a ticking time bomb, and every day the word gets spread even further and faster, your only realistic choice is to get rid of the car before you get caught with it. Just today, someone launched a website for us…


You’re probably a car guy yourself, so don’t screw up a beautiful race car and someone’s life dream. Here’s an easy way out: Park the car in a nice, safe church parking lot at about 5am. Write the words STOLEN FROM OCALA, FL on the windshield, and walk away. And consider this… when you do end up getting caught, whatever missing parts or damage happens to that car, you will be court ordered to pay for in restitution, as part of your parole conditions (after you finally get out of prison and break up with Bubba). Not paying your restitution on time every month is cause for violation of parole, and lands you back in prison, so you can’t escape paying that back (probably at minimum wage at that point). And these parts aren’t cheap. So it’s in everybody’s best interest that the car just comes back safely and whole.

By now, you know you messed up. Please don’t make this any worse for yourself, or Josh, who is suffering unbearably because of you. Do the right thing, before it’s too late. Giving the car back will be a huge weight off your shoulders.


Original Post

If you live in and around Florida keep your eyes peeled for a $300,000 Twin-Turbo 2003 Mustang Outlaw Drag car that was stolen from a storage facility in Ocala.  The high-priced Mustang Outlaw drag car was stolen Saturday May15th according to Marion County Sheriff’s office.  The car is easily recognizable as it has two parachutes and a black wing.

Source: OrlandoSentinel.com