2019 Ford Mustang GT: Ultimate Guide

2019 Ford Mustang GT

2019 Mustang GT

Pricing for the 2019 Ford Mustang GT coupe starts at $35,355, while the convertible starts at $44,855. The takeaway should be what amazing value the Ford Mustang GT continues to be in 2019.

Not many updates happened of the 2019 model year GT thanks largely to the big investment Ford made in improvements for the 2018 model year. 2018 say a host of improvements including new technology and design changes that gave owners ways to customize Ford Mustang to their preferences. 2018 saw better performance from more powerful engines and new MagneRide™ suspension technology improvements which all stuck for the 2019 model year GT.

“The new Mustang is our best ever, based on more than 50 years as one of the iconic sports car in America and now, the world,” said Joe Hinrichs, president of The Americas. “Tapping Mustang’s enormous fan base, we’re bringing the new Mustang straight to the people – and introducing the new car across multiple social media channels, reaching millions.”

The 2019 Mustang GT continues with the legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine had been thoroughly reworked the prior year. More powerful and revs higher than any Ford Mustang GT before. The manual transmission is a gem and includes a twin-disc clutch and dual-mass flywheel to increase torque capability and deliver more efficient clutch modulation. A new 10-speed automatic transmission is also available for the V8 GT model.

Overall, the car’s exterior design keeps the athletic changes from 2018, with its low hood and grille that deliver a leaner look and refined aerodynamics, upper and lower front grilles, and a new position for hood vents.