2013 Steeda Q600 Streetfighter Mustang

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The 2013 Steeda Q600 StreetFighter is ready and willing to take on any challenge put in front of it no matter the competition.  A complement of strategic performance modifications elevate the iconic Steeda Mustang to a completely different level. The exclusive Steeda G-Trac Suspension System with its fully adjustable damping and specially-tuned components provides an exhilarating driving experience with outstanding driving dynamics.  Conceived as the ultimate performance Mustang destined to reign supreme in the Pony Wars, the Q600 StreetFighter can be driven daily or be taken to the track or strip on the weekends.

The Steeda StreetFighter is a total package that represents the ultimate evolution of expertise over 25-years Mustang performance engineering by Steeda Autosports. It is available with the most extensive suspension upgrades we have ever included on a production vehicle – including our Watt’s Link Suspension system. There is simply no other serialized Mustang available today that offers the aggressive styling and performance attitude of this ultimate competitor.

Standard Equipment


  • Steeda Sport / Competition Springs
  • Steeda Billet Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Steeda Front and Rear Swaybars with Billet Ends
  • Steeda Billet Front Sway bar mounts Standard
  • Steeda Pro-Action Shocks with updated upper strut mount
  • Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment
  • Steeda Heavy Duty Billet Upper Strut Mounts


  • Steeda/Ford Racing 525 HP Whipple Supercharger (warrantied)
  • Steeda Axle back Stainless Steel exhaust
  • Steeda Cold Air Intake with “Cool Tube” Technology
  • Steeda Performance Engine Calibration
  • Steeda Billet Idler and Tensioner Pulley Set
  • Steeda Biller Water Pump Pulley
  • Steeda Tri-Ax Short throw shifter


  • Steeda Aerodynamic Enhancement (Front lower facia & splitter)
  • Steeda Rear Aerodynamic Spoiler
  • Steeda Graphic Package
  • Steeda Hood Strut Kit


  • Steeda Embroidered Front Floor mats
  • Steeda Dash Emblem
  • Steeda Owners Guide and Manual
  • Steeda Illuminated Door Sill Plates


  • Steeda 20″ Spyder Wheels
  • Nitto INVO or NT05 Performance Tires w/ Nitrogen Fill

Package Price $22,995


Optional Equipment Below:

Recommended Performance Options

  • Steeda Bump Steer Kit ($280)
  • Steeda X11 Balljoint ($280)
  • Steeda Watt’s Link ($1,450)
  • Steeda Competition Brake Cooling Kit ($400)

Other Available Options

  • Steeda/Ford Racing/Whipple Supercharger Upgraded to a polished case ($500)
  • Steeda/Ford Racing/Whipple Supercharger Upgraded to 624HP ($1,600)
  • Steeda Alcantara wrapped steering wheel with red center stripe ($645)
  • Steeda Locking lug nut set ($50)
  • Steeda Adjustable Upper Control Arm ($210)
  • Steeda / Tokico D Spec Adjustable Shocks with updated upper strut mount ($810)
  • Steeda Coil-over system with updated upper strut mount ($1,725)
  • Steeda Xtreme Stop Rotor Upgrade ($750)
  • Steeda Front Brake Cooling Upgrade ($770)
  • Hawk Performance Pad Upgrade ($220)
  • Steeda 14″ Front Brake Upgrade ($2,550)
  • Steeda 13″ Rear Brake Upgrade ($590)
  • Brembo 14″ Front Brake Kit 6-Piston ($3,650)
  • Steeda Billet pedal covers w-dead pedal ($60)

Wheel and Tire Upgrades

  • Steeda 18″ Chrome Pentar Wheels w/ Nitto NT05 or INVO Tires ($400)
  • Steeda 20″ Spyder Black with machined lip w/ Nitto NT05 or INVO Tires ($700)
  • Steeda 20″ Spyder Black w/ machined accents w/ Nitto NT05 or INVO ($700)
  • Steeda 20″ Chrome Spyder Wheels w/ Nitto NT05 or INVO Tires ($800)
  • HRE 20″ Monoblock P40 wheels w/ Nitto NT05 or INVO Tires (Contact Steeda)

More Options:

  • Steeda Leather seats with logo embroidered (replaces cloth interior) ($1,400)
  • Steeda Custom Seat Embroidery (on Ford OEM leather seating) ($400)
  • Steeda Lightweight Leather, Carbon Fiber/Stainless Steel Sport Seats ($4,000)
  • Valentine™ One Radar Detector (installed) ($600)
  • Blinder™ M27 Laser Jammer (installed) ($840)
  • Steeda Q-Series Personalized Vehicle Build Book ($300)
  • Special Paint with painted in graphics and custom design (complete vehicle)

Source: Steeda