2013 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra — Rumor or Reality?


How many of you loyal SVT Mustang enthusiasts would love to see the return of an SVT Cobra for the 2013 model year.  If you answered yes–you my friend are certainly not alone as countless Mustang enthusiasts across our great land were sad to see the SVT branded Cobra go away in 2004 as the new redesigned S197 model came on the scene.  I know Ford’s Special Vehicle Team has been hard at work on the Shelby GT500 and now the SVT Raptor but its been six long years since an SVT Cobra has roamed the streets and I think we are ready for another model.

Rumors have been floating around for sometime a 2013 SVT Cobra Mustang might be in the works.  The reality of the situation is we may actually get to see a 2013 Mustang SVT Cobra as reportsare Carroll Shelby’s lucrative contract with Ford on the GT500 is set to expire following the 2012 model year.  It also so happens the year 2013 marks the 20 Anniversary of the first SVT Cobra produced back in 1993–so it would be a perfect time to resurrect an SVT branded Cobra. Could you imagine a supercharged 5.0-liter SVT Cobra–I know can.

The only reason an SVT Cobra would not be in Ford’s future plans is the return of the Boss Mustang that is slated for the 2012 model year.  Ford has not made an official announment on the return of the Boss nameplate but it is widely speculated the model will return for 2012.  Only time will tell if there is enough room for two limited-edition Mustangs in Ford’s future.

Let me know your thoughts on a possible return of an SVT Cobra in the comments.

Below I have taken the pleasure of posting production numbrs for the SVT Cobra all the way back to 1993.

SVT Cobra Production (1993-2003)

1993 SVT Cobra Mustang – 4,993 produced

1994 SVT Cobra Mustang – 6,009

1995 SVT Cobra Mustang – 5,008

1996 SVT Cobra Mustang – 10,005

1997 SVT Cobra Mustang – 10,049

1998 SVT Cobra Mustang – 8,654

1999 SVT Cobra Mustang – 8,095

2000 – Only Cobra ‘R’ model made

2001 SVT Cobra Mustang – 7,251

2002 – None were made

2003 SVT Cobra Mustang – 13,776

2004 SVT Cobra Mustang – 5,664

2013 SVT Cobra Mustang ????

  1. GOOD! I was pissed when Ford put Shelby’s name on the SVT Mustang anyway. This caused the dealers hike up the price beyond “sensible”and the “BARRETT JACKSON CROWD” to scoop them up and away from true drivers and true SVT enthusiast who could’ve afforded one at a sensible price through financing without the $20k mark up. Let Shelby build their own Mustangs ala GT350, Steeda, Roush, SMS, Saleen etc. That’s the only way I could justify the mark up for the Shelby name.

    1. i’m a proud owner of a 2004 svt cobra best mustang ever owned evev though i own a 2010 shelby and a1996 gt.i think the svt is better value for money and as fast as my new shelby as standard more fun for the money,i think svt need to produce a 2013 model to blow out any mustang around they have enough no how .please give us a 2013 640 break or 750bph sticking to the corners and an odometer showing 220 miles per hour to show the true musel and speed to blow away the likes of the gtr, supras and all a run for there money.give us 9s at quater miles as standard.come on svt make us happy.charlie

  2. awesome, just hope it has an IRON block instead of those weak aluminum blocks that they started it putting in for 2011 , and a different platform !!!

  3. i think this was the best from all the ford mustang, The latest model of 2011 Ford Mustang 3.7 liter, V6 engine and is producing 305 horsepower from the engine that can offer 19 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highways. i hope 2013 Cobra will be best than this. waiting for see reviews of this.

  4. i am an owner of a 1997 mustang svt cobra and i have to say that it is the best car out there .. it runs fast and its engine makes the most beautiful sound ever .. i would love to see a new svt cobra .. that would just be the icing on my cake !!! 🙂

    1. very well agreed! i own a 2009 mustang gt and i cant keep my hands off of it! if i had to choose between selling the mustang or my jeep id be saying goodbye to the jeep(: my mustang is my baby no doubt!

  5. i really hope they come out with a new cobra for 2013, if they do, all hell will break loose on the streets. charlie up at the top is thinking kind of wishful with the numbers up there, lets hope its affordable.

  6. I love this idea! I just bought a 2004 Cobra with 30,000 miles on it with a Whipple Supercharger, got a great deal on it because previous owner was to in debt and had a baby on the way. It’s putting over 550 horse to the rear tires and I got it for less then 20 grand. I also own a 1998 Mustang Cobra, 1991 Mustang GT 5.0, 1996 Mustang GT and my live in girlfriend just bought a 2002 Mustang GT convertible. I’m 28 years old and bought my first Mustang back in Feb of 2001 and it was the 1996 Mustang GT. I had it for a year until I test drove my 1998 Mustang Cobra from a local car dealership and was hooked. As much as I loved my 96 GT the 98 Cobra’s 305 horse made it’s 215 horse feel like a joke. I’ve feel in love with SVT and what they can bring to the table. I love the 2011 Mustang GT-500 but it’s to pricey for my tastes and I don’t care to pay such a high price for the Shelby name. I’d much rather have it called the Cobra instead of the GT-500. I am having a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 build for me with the 3.73 gears and this will be my new daily driver but if SVT produces a 2013 Mustang Cobra, I might just bite.

  7. As an owner of a 2003 SVT convertible Cobra, nothing would please me more than to be able to add a 2013 to my stable. I also own a 1966 GT Fastback. Neither of my cars is stock, but are true sleepers. I seem to have room for one more, Ford….(hint)!

  8. Another Mustang REALY that’s all Ford can say any more MUSTANGS. I’ve had 4 Mustang GT 84, 89, 95, 06. IM OVER THE MUSTANG each year they feel cheaper and ride like go-carts. Mean time every other auto manufacture is making full size cars that can out drag and go around a track faster. I was the biggest FORD fan ever now I’m fed up. My next car will be I Cadillac, Audi or even a Hyundai before I get another Ford. What saved Ford from going bankrupt? The know fact that they sold the divisions people wanted Aston Martin, Land Rover and Jag. What cars to you see around every major city Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Maserati, Jag and Porch and now the Cadillac, Lexus and Infinity what do they all have in common big engins,4 doors and REAR WHEAL DRIVE. To Ford I DONT WANT TO DRIVE A TAXIE, drop the Crown Vick/ Town (Home) Car, the rest of the cars can be summed up with one word BORING. IF you are listening to what people want, I would love to meet those people. Ford makes one car I would like to have but I would have to move to Australia to get one. Have you driven a Ford you loved lately?

    1. What cars are you refering to? The only “full size” cars that can out-drag a Mustang are: CTS-V (70K), M5 (90K), Panamara Turbo (110K), and S65 (140K).
      A Charger or Challenger, even in SRT trim, are both significantly slower than a Mustang GT. I’ve owned each body style since the SN95 model, and they are all progressively more refined and dynamically superior. Talking about the Camaro? The Mustang is faster, in each level of trim, with better brakes and more lateral grip. NO car out there measures up to the Mustang GT dollar for dollar. The last stang I owned was an 03′ Cobra. BONE stock the car ran 12.8 @109mph. With ported Ford Racing heads, 4:10 gears, a smaller blower pulley and open exhaust, I was able to crack the 11sec mark (11.75 @118mph). Seriously, I had less 20K into it, including the mods. The only car that comes close as a performance-value, would be the Nissan GT-R. Problem is, replacing the twin-clutch automatic cost nearly 18K.

    2. If you have money to spend. Go to Australia and buy a Ford Falcon and ship it back over here. Sexy looking, 4 door sedan with Mustang or Better power.
      Get them in 4.0L Turbo 6 or now 5.0L Supercharged.
      Even find them in 5.4L as well.

  9. greg don’t know what he is talking about and you can’t have driven an svt cobra .all svt need do as i said in my early comments is to give us the handling of the likes of the new boss and maybe better .i’m a street racer against the likes of the subarus,gtr’s and so on and my standard 2004 svt has no fear of tham yes cornering is scarey but that is something us mustang crazy people got use to.thats why i said in my earlier commet for svt to give us the speed and handling only to make life a bit easier for us street racers,so come on svt lets shut the moners up 650hp stuck to the corners and i will be on the waiting list for one to add to my other 3 and my new boss when i recive it.a lot have been learnt from the shelby,s and the boss so give us somthing combined and better.

  10. I’ve been saving for the new SVT Cobra for 2 yrs now and have 28k saved, that mofo is mine mine mine no matter what year it comes out….
    Imma waitin….. 😉

  11. I love the 5.0 tivct engine!!!!!!!!!!! start with that please, [email protected] research and devolpment! Let the specialist do there freaking job and we will get what we want but think about it everyone has different oppions sooooooooooo,,,,,,,

  12. I also heard if Shelby leaves Ford, SVT will keep the boring 5.4 but drop twin turbos on it. Not sure where I seen this article. But Twin Turbos and the 5.4 we could see 650-700hp? Idk, but its time to drop the 6.2l in a Mustang. The Raptor R has 500hp naturally Aspirated. Imagine a supercharger or turbo on that 6.2l.

    1. Ford is keeping the 5.4L and boring it out to 5.8L for the GT500, next year. You are correct about the Raptor engine. 6.2L+1 Turbonetic 67mm turbo @12lbs of boost= 801hp.

  13. I drive a 2003 svt cobra and love it . I am wondering if they will eventually put the v-6 ecoboost motor that is tweeked into a cobra. Look what the GTR does with its twin turbos!!!! Gobs of horsepower and pretty good fuel effieciency

  14. I owned the 1993 SVT limited edition and loved it more then any car I have ever owned….A drunk hit me and totaled it….If it wasn’t for the safety of the car and the cross bars in the door I would not have survived the hit…I loved that car and was ready to commit murder…The police officer that saw it was tempted as well….I kept the car clayed and so beautiful…I was so excited when they came out with the 2003 limited edition svt cobra….I got the black on black, the similar to the 93…I am having issues with a short that keeps draining my battery…It has been to every shop and I have replaced the alternator and clutch…They say the battery is good and everything should be fine…Then it dies again after 3 days sitting in my garage…I will not sell it, but I would love to get the 2013 if they make it….I will keep buying them and be able to say I have owned every one sense 93…The only car that I actually love more then life…TY

  15. I hope they bring back the SVT brand in a 2013 SVT Mustang Cobra. I purchased a new 1998 Mustang Cobra from the factory (it was built November 1997 and I took deliverly from the dealer in early December 1997) and over the last year or so I have been modifying it. I love the 4.6L engine, although, I am a fan of the big block engines. I wish Ford would produce a true 351cid modular motor as well as a 429 modular motor. As a young guy I grew up owning many muscle cars with big blocks in them (440, 455, 400, 429, etc). Sometime down the road I hope to replace my 4.6L with a new from the factory 5.4 SuperSnake motor matched to a heavy duty 6 speed tranny. But anyway, I love my Cobra and it is looking very mean with all the body mods I have done to it. It is parked for the winter but will be crusing in it in April. So yes, I hope Ford bring back the 2013 SVT Mustang Cobra!

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