2011 Mustang GT gets 412 Horsepower 5.0-liter Motor

2011 Mustang GT 5.0

The return of the iconic 5.0-liter motor has been confirmed for the 2011 Mustang GT as somebody on Facebook leaked the details earlier today. The new 5.0-liter motor for the 2011 Mustang GT will crank out 412 horsepower. The 2011 Mustang GT details were not suppose to be made public till sometime around the Detroit Auto Show in January but I guess an over anxious Mustang fan decided to let loose early. This kind of news will send shockwaves through the Camaro and Challenger camps as it’s a whole new ballgame now. With 412 horsepower and a sub 4,000 curb weight the 2011 Mustang GT should have no problems leading the pack. Keep checking back as I am sure all the details will leak sooner or later.