2005 Ford Mustang Yankees Limited Edition: Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Yankees Fan Mustang

2005 Ford Mustang Yankees Limited Edition

2005 Ford Mustang Yankees Limited Edition

Ford Motor company created a limited run of 60 Yankees Mustang Limited Editions in 2005.

Because this is a Yankees Mustang, all 60 cars were made in all white with the Yankees blue stripes and monster logo on the hood. I guess they are easy to spot in public if you ever cross one.

One was given to each of the Ford Tri-State Dealers in the New York area. All cars were convertibles and in a very cool touch, each Yankees Mustang came signed by a notable past or current Yankee player.

Unfortunately the Yankees finished just short of winning it all in 2005. The team finished with a record of 95-67 finishing in a division tie with the Boston Red Sox. They then went on to lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the play-offs.