2005 Ford Mustang San Diego Special: Ultimate Guide

San Diego Regional Special With Only 200 Examples

2005 Ford Mustang San Diego Special Blue

2005 Ford Mustang San Diego Special

In 2005, Ford introduced the San Diego Special Mustang and it was one really rare special with only 200 of these were built in 2005. Known as the SDS is was reminiscent of the regional specials that were often see in the Mustang lineup in the early days of the brands history. Like those original regional specials the SDS was built for one region only and you guessed it, the San Diego Special was just for San Diego.

The SDS starts with a V6 Mustang and then added Lemans stripes, rear spoiler, upgraded exhaust with chrome tips, chrome spinner wheels, 500W Shaker stereo, interior upgrade package, color gauges, and SDS interior and exterior badges. The SDS is easily distinguishable by those badges and the dual Le-Mans racing stripes on the hood, roof, and trunk.