1975 Ford Mustang Fox Concept

A Coke bottle, a swoosh, the hula hoop – all are instantly recognizable shapes in American pop culture. So too is the unmistakable silhouette of the all-American pony car, the Ford Mustang.

That silhouette is taking on a striking new definition with the introduction of the Mustang GT coupe and convertible concept cars. The new concepts give a strong indication of the design direction of the next-generation Mustang, due to debut in 2004.

With its signature long hood and short rear deck, Mustangs design has endured for 39 years. Adorning the legendary shape are classic design cues that define Mustang: C-scoops in the sides, three-element tail lamps and the galloping pony in the center of the grille.

The Mustang GT coupe and convertible concepts are clearly the latest evolution in a long line of Mustang models.

Casual observers will instantly recognize these cars and that is the greatest testament anyone could make to the timeless design of Mustang, says J Mays, Ford Motor Company vice president, Design. This level of universal acceptance comes not from simply copying past designs, but from melding the character of 39 years into these modern offerings.

The unmistakable design of Mustang is universally appreciated and unequivocally respected. It is a mosaic of historical design and product attributes that has linked three generations of the car together.

The latest incarnations continue the tradition. From a distance, there is no denying the Mustang GT concepts heritage. Up close, there is no denying their cutting-edge, modern, revolutionary attitude.

Ever since the original in 1964, the Mustang coupe and convertible have been a matched pair. So it was only fitting to introduce the new designs at the same time. Each underscores key elements of the Mustang persona in its own way. The Tungsten Silver coupe interprets the performance edge of Mustangs heritage while the Redline Red Metallic convertible conjures up images of wind, sunshine and the rocky shores of Big Sur.

Standing next to its counterpart, the Mustang GT convertible concept speaks to another group of followers who yearn for sunshine and open-air driving exhilaration. The body design theme is the same as the coupe. But, the drop top Mustang GT concept gives a completely different look and serves another purpose. The convertible engages passersby, providing a full view of its inviting interior. It features a distinct showbar with a rim of billet-aluminum trim picking up where the instrument panel and console trim leave off.

The Mustang GT concepts take a highly recognizable heritage to the limit by subscribing to a revolutionary formula that mixes successful design cues from the past with artful lines that will sculpt the future.