1993 Saleen Mustang RRR dubbed ‘Casper’ up for sale, Built for Tim Allen


When you think of legendary fox-body Ford Mustangs there are only a few that come to mind and one of those is a one-off 1993 Saleen Ford Mustang RRR built for Tim Allen.  The Saleen RRR dubbed ‘Casper’ because of its snowy white paint and wheels was custom built by Steve Saleen for TV star Tim Allen of ‘Home Improvement’ fame.  The RRR Mustang features a vortech supercharged  302 V-8 pumping out 576 horsepower.  The RRR also has some custom touches as well including a carbon fiber hood, T-bird headlights, a hidden 6-point roll cage and a tool bag mounted to the back of the drivers seat.

You can now own this one-of-a-kind Saleen Mustang RRR as its up for sale over at hemmings.com for $85,000.  The current owner purchased the Mustang in 1997 and its presumable when Tim Allen sold the car.  Check out all the photos below including a Road and Track article on Tim Allen and his custom built Saleen RRR Mustang.

Source: Hemmings.com