'81 Mustang Cobra

1981 Ford Mustang Cobra

The 1981 Mustang Cobra continued to be the only sports model for the Mustang with blacked out side mirrors and interior trim accents, rear facing hood scoop, 1979 Mustang pace car front end and rear spoiler, TRX wheels, added to the standard 2.3L twin turbo 4-cylinder engine connected to sport tuned exhaust.

Upgrades included the 4.2L V8 engine. A Cobra package taping delete option existed to save $65 but the special, large Cobra hood decal was an additional $95 option. Although the Cobra came only in a hatchback, a sports package was also available for the hatchback or coupe which included engine upgrades, blacked out treatment, sport wheels, rear window louvers on the hatchback and convertible looking carriage roof for the coupe. See our 1981 Cobra Data Explorer for more information.


1981 Cobra VIN

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