1977 Mustang – Mechanical Information

1977 Ford Mustang Mechanical Information & Drawings


Code Transmission
4 Four speed overdrive (SROD)
5 Five speed manual
5 Five speed manual overdrive
6 Borg Warner 4 speed manual
7 4 Speed overdrive (RUG)
7 4 Speed (ET)
V 3 Speed automatic C3
W 3 Speed Automatic C4
C 3 Speed Automatic C5
T Automatic Over Drive (AOD)
Z C-6 Police automatic


As anyone knows, parts for the 1974 – 1978 Mustang II’s can be hard if not impossible to find. A little known swap that can be used involves the rear engine mount also called the Transmission Crossmember. Use a 1968 Mustang automatic transmission crossmember with your 1975-1978 C4 equipped Mustang and only make 1 little modification. Centered between the two crossmember mounting bolts left and right and centered between the front and rear of the crossmember, drill or torch or plasma cut a small round or oval 1.25 inch hole. This crossmember will work great. A friend (Bobby) and I were working on his Cobra II and he needed a transmission crossmember. I had a spare old 1968 one laying around. We wanted to see if it would fit and it did, except he noted that a drop down safety bolt would not go through the crossmember. The solution, I set up my plasma cutter and he cut our a round hole. It fit and worked like a champ.

Flywheels for a 1975-1978 302 4 speed transmission are 11 7/8 or 12 inches in diameter. They are all the same size, however they are referenced differently depending on where you look. I believe they have 144 teeth. They are smaller in diameter than the normal 302 flywheels because they have to fit in the narrowed bellhousing used in the smaller body style Mustang II’s.