1975 Ford Mustang Fox Concept

The third generation of the Mustang, which Ford popularly called the Fox Mustang debuted in 1979. This car brought a redesign, new technology and modern looks to the Mustang. So, Ford started developing the idea as early as 1975 using the Mustang II as a platform for their designers. As always, there were several design teams involved, all with different results.

The Fox concept was the work of one of Ford’s design teams, so it represents the development of the Mustang II design. This prototype features a big chrome grille, similar proportions and a rear end design reminiscent of the Ford Fairmont from the late ’70s and early ’80s. Fortunately, Ford abandoned this look and went with a more modern approach. This resulted in better sales and the revival of the Mustang model in the early ’80s.