1971, 1972, 1973 Mustang emergency brake idler bracket template

On the classic cars, much of the time one has to replace floor pans.  If you are lucky, they have partially rusted out and you get to remove them and replace them.  Worst case is they are gone when you get the car. Mine were gone.

After doing some research, I found out that if you install some of the emergency brake parts and they are off by even a little, you can end up with some serious brake issues.  So having to replace a 1972 emergency brake cable, I sought out several cars and measured the existing brackets on original floors.  The measurements all matched and so I am e sure these are correct.

The idler bracket goes up under the passenger’s side on the floor and the idler rod hooks into it.

The template is large and so click HERE and it will pop up. You may only see a part of the picture. Right click on the picture and click save as to capture the image.  It is stored at regular size so it can be used as a template without any work. The printing side goes up, I am sure you can figure that out.