1970 Mach1 hood stripes

Graphics Were an important visual aspect of the Mustang muscle cars.

Now, the Mustangs we buy for fix-up or restoration are missing their original hood stripes, with wrecks and repairs claiming most of them during previous periods of ownership. So today. when we attempt to restore a performance Mustang’s original appearance, we sometimes don’t know where to place the hood Stripes.

For owners of 1970 Mach 1’s with the 351 Cleveland engine and the non-shaker, here are the measurements to help position those hood stripes in the right places. With the exception of the “351” engine displacement decal’s; these stripes are painted on with low gloss black paint, Ditzler #9295. The hood stripes on 1970 Mach I. with the optional shaker scoop wrap around the back of the scoop, So they differ from these stripes with the non-functional scoop, Also, these strip” dimensions were obtained from an original Dearborn-built (0F05) Mach 1. The stripes on Metuchen or San Jose car may be slightly different.

The big black center stripe is 15 1/4″ wide at the nose of the car. On the one measured, it was offset. the passenger side was 8 inches and the driver side was 7.25 inches. Was this an error at the factory and done by some cross eyed painter, or was it intentional? Who knows. At any rate it starts out at 15.25 inches and gets wider as it goes back.  It stops at the back of the hood and is 16″ wide at the point where it stops.  At the rear of the hood, it splits the center line of the hood having 8 inches on each side.

The two side stripes are 1 3/4 (1.75) wide and are placed 1/2 (.5) inches outside the bigger center stripe and if you stat at the rear of the hood, they go for 12 inches and stop. After 7 1/2 (7.5) inches they start again and continue on to the front of the hood.

The 351 tape numbers get positioned centered inside the seven and one half inch non painted place in the outside stripe.