1968 Ford Mustang Shelby VIN Information

1968 Shelby VIN & Data Plate Information

VIN Decoder Shelby 1968

1968 Ford Mustang Shelby VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder

VIN Decoder Shelby 1968

VIN Location

The 1968 Shelby VIN number is found on the top upper flange of the right and left front fender apron visible with the hood up, on a plated riveted to the top of the dashboard on the passenger’s side, and on the warranty plate on the driver’s door.

Decoder Sheet

Year 1968
Example 8T0#X00000100001
1st digit (Year) 8 = 1968
2nd digit (Assembler) T = Metuchen, New Jersey
3rd Digit (Body) 02 = Fastback GT-350
02 = Fastback GT-500
02 = Fastback GT-500KR
03 = Convertible GT-350
03 = Convertible GT-500
03 = Convertible GT-500KR
4th Digit (Engine) J = GT-350 250hp, 302ci, V8
R = GT-500 335hp, 428ci, V8 Cobra Jet
R = GT-500KR 400hp (unoffical), 428ci Cobra Jet
S = GT-500 360hp, 428ci, V8 Police Interceptor
5th Digit (Transmission) 0 = Base vehicle
1 = Ford air conditioning
2 = Thermactor exhaust emission
3 = Air conditioning and Thermacator exhaust emission
6th to 11th Digit (Ford #) Ford sequential unit number
12th to 16th Digit (Shelby #) Shelby sequential unit number