1968 Ford Mustang Sprint – Ultimate Guide

Ford Upped The Ante For the '68 Sprint Package

Mustang Sprint

1968 Ford Mustang Sprint

The Sprint package was a springtime limited edition which was an appearance package available on 6 cylinder cars. In 1968 a Sprint B was offered which included all the Sprint options but a V-8 was mandatory and it also included GT equipment. Even with two packages, the 1968 Sprint Special was not nearly as successful as the previous 1967 Special. Early in 1968 this package was sold as limited-edition Mustangs “C” stripe, and by mid March called a limited edition Mustang Sprint offered in all body styles.

By 1968 the Mustang Sprint package had become a springtime limited edition promotion. It was essentially an appearance package available on 6 cylinder cars. In 1968 Ford made things more interesting by offering two distinct packages. Sprint A package was available for six cylinder and V8 engined cars with C-stripes, wheel lip moldings, full wheel covers and a pop-open gas cap. Sprint B was for V8 only Mustangs. It included components from Package A, but added Styled Steel wheels and lights (both GT package items). Sprint Bs didn’t have GT emblems, but they were often identified as “Sprint GT” models, a confusing situation that continues to this day.

The Mustang Sprint was unique and desirable because it includes nearly all GT features except heavy-duty suspension. The 1968 Sprint in particular was a GT lookalike without the added expense, which for frugle buyers was a big deal.

Packages In Detail

If you were to buy a Sprint Mustang, you had two different packages to choose from, Sprint package “A” and Sprint package “B.”

Package “A” included:
• The option of s six or eight-cylinder engine
• C-shaped side striping
• Wheel lip moldings
• Full wheel covers
• Pop-open gas cap

Sprint package “B” consisted of:
• Only the option of an
eight-cylinder engine • C-shaped side striping
• Wheel lip moldings • Pop-open gas cap
• Argent painted styled steel
wheels w/ E70 wide oval white sidewall
tires • Grill mounted fog lamps

The tu-tone black striped hood, interior decor group, and hardtop vinyl roof could be ordered with both of the packages. 25,012 Sprint package “A’s” were produced, and 15,106 Sprint package “B’s” were produced in 1968.