1968 mustang Dixie Special

1968 Ford Mustang Dixie Special – Ultimate Guide

Louisiana/Mississippi Get Their Own Territorial Special

1968 Ford Mustang Dixie Special

The Dixie Special came about when Louisiana/Mississippi dealers wanted to get in on the territorial specials that Ford was releasing in the late 1960s. The Dixie Special was not just limited to the Mustang. It included Mustang, Fairlane hardtop, and Ford XL fastbacks.

This special edition Mustang was only available in Mississippi and Louisiana and only sold for a few months in 1968. The Dixie Special was largely based on the Springtime Sprint’s Package A options. Additional equipment to differentiate the Dixie Special included a custom Dixie Special front license plate, special emblems that included eleven stars to represent the Dixie states (each of the states in the original Confederate Union), and special paint color options. It is not known as to how many were produced or what colors were offered (the advertisements called it “Special Colors”).