1967 Ford Mustang Sports Sprint – Ultimate Guide

"Get a 1968 Mustang at 1967 Prices"

1967 Mustang Sports Sprint

1967 Ford Mustang Sports Sprint

The ’67 Sports Sprint was produced to spark new sales in the Springtime. It was available in all three body styles, and the package included: the GT louvered hood, full wheel covers, the exterior appearance package, a chrome air cleaner lid with a “Sports Sprint” decal and the newly available colors debuting in ’67. The ads for the Sports Sprint state “Get a 1968 Mustang at 1967 Prices.”

The 1967 Mustang Sports Sprint was basically an entry level sport options package which included hood vents, recessed turn signals, white wall tires, full wheel covers, bright metal rocker panel moldings, chrome air cleaner, and vinyl covered shift handle if an automatic transmission was ordered. Early in 1967 the Sport Sprint package was only offered on the hardtop body style, but by June 1967 the convertible was included. Often times these Mustangs were ordered in special colors such as Springtime Yellow or Dusk Rose (Pink), and most could include a decklid mounted luggage rack at a reduced price. Ford offered a set of promotional ads for this special model, often calling it a limited edition and included it as part of the 3rd birthday celebration of Mustang.

Mustang Sports Sprint Ad