1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited – Ultimate Guide

The Bluebonnet Special Mustang

1967 Blue Bonnet Special

1967 Ford Mustang Lone Star Limited

Ford called it the Lone Star Limited, but in Texas it was known as the Bluebonnet Special Mustang. Texas’ own specialty Mustang, the ’67 Blue Bonnet special was a hit in the Lone Star state. It was a territorial special for Texas just as the High Country Special was for Denver and the California Special for California.

The Lone Star Limited Mustang was produced as part of an initiative by Ford to boost the sales of their signature pony car in specific regional markets. Mustang sales were a little soft in the winter of 1966-1967 in this area, so Ford wanted to boost them. Facing increased competition from Chevy and Dodge, as well as a shrinking marketplace for pony cars in general, Ford was attempting to grow their brand by offering special editions to various geographic areas.

Texas Ford dealers were complaining because California got the California Special and they wanted one too. A Bluebonnet Special is basically a special-order-paint ’67 coupe with a Texas-shaped badge reading “Lone Star Limited.” Made exclusively for the Lone Star state, the Lone Star Limited is a Mustang made just for Texas. The Bluebonnet Specials were very rare (only 175 Lone Star Mustangs were ever made) and like most of the regional specials offered by Ford in the mid-to-late ‘60s, the Lone Star Limited featured mainly cosmetic upgrades.

All of these hardtops were based off of the ’67 Sprint mustangs, and additionally they were painted “Blue Bonnet” blue and came with standard blue interior. Attached to each fender were unique Texas shaped medallions with “Lone Star Limited” printed on them, along with a running horse. These cars were sold throughout the Dallas Sales District and had a six digit DSO code beginning with 61.

The original window stickers from Ford normally listed the “Sports Sprint” option which included wheel covers, chrome-plated air cleaner, rocker-panel molding, functional louvered hood, F70-14 wide oval tires, vinyl-covered shift lever, and Select-Aire A/C. Engines in the Bluebonnets were either the 200 six cylinder or the 289 V-8. All 175 Lone Star Mustangs had a gold Lone Star Limited fender badge.

One way to tell if a Mustang is a Lone Star Special is by checking the driver’s door VIN plate — Lone Star Specials will not have a paint code listed and will have a Texas DSO code of 61-5160.