1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special – Ultimate Guide

Helping Sell The Occasional Mustang on a Used Car Lot

1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special

1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special

The 1967 Branded Mustang was created by dealerships to spiff up Mustangs for resale. The 1967 Branded Special was simply a kit distributed to Ford dealers across the country to help the sale of the occasional Mustang on a used car lot.

Included in the kit was a black floral pattern vinyl top, red or gold side stripes and emblems on the side of the roof that contained a lasso with a horse running across it with the word “Branded” above it. The choices of different colored and patterned vinyl tops included 15 choices total and side stripes had 5 color options. These kits were to be placed on the used Mustang, which was to be sold at a “special” price. Both the emblems and the vinyl roof kit have Ford part numbers.

The Branded Special isn’t considered to be a “District Special,” but rather simply a “Special Mustang.”