1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special

1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special – Ultimate Guide

Helping Sell The Occasional Mustang on a Used Car Lot

1967 Ford Mustang Branded Special

The 1967 Branded Mustang was created by dealerships to spiff up Mustangs for resale. The 1967 Branded Special was simply a kit distributed to Ford dealers across the country to help the sale of the occasional Mustang on a used car lot.

Included in the kit was a black floral pattern vinyl top, red or gold side stripes and emblems on the side of the roof that contained a lasso with a horse running across it with the word “Branded” above it. The choices of different colored and patterned vinyl tops included 15 choices total and side stripes had 5 color options. These kits were to be placed on the used Mustang, which was to be sold at a “special” price. Both the emblems and the vinyl roof kit have Ford part numbers.

The Branded Special isn’t considered to be a “District Special,” but rather simply a “Special Mustang.”