1966 Shelby GT350 Barn Find (Shed Find) covered in trash for 26 years


In a little more than a week the 1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang pictured above will go to auction in San Antonio after sitting in a shed for more than 26 years behind a Kansas apartment building.  The ’66 Shelby GT350 was discovered by someone cleaning out a shed where the vehicle was covered in an unimaginable amount of junk.  How did the ’66 Shelby come to find its way in the shed is a very complicated story which the folks at Jalopnik have covered quite nicely so I won’t bore you with my attempt to retell the story.

A few details about the ’66 Shelby GT350 are this, its actually a rare Hertz edition painted Red with white stripes.  We all know most Hertz rental cars came in Black and Gold but a few were produced in Red with White stripes making this one rare Shelby.  The Shelby was sold to a Hertz office in Georgia where it was rented for about a year.  After taking a beating as a rental car it was sold in 1967 to a lady in Miami.  Somehow along the way the car ended up in Kansas where the lady’s daughter registered it in 1974 with the Shelby Owners of America club.  The next record of the car is 1976 at a Conaco station where it had the oil changed with 87K miles.  After that no records exist until it was found in the shed.  As the car sits now it has around 90K miles on the odometer and its in relative great shape except the interior seats which are covered in mold.

The ’66 Shelby GT350 will be auctioned off April 8-9th in San Antonio by Leake Auction Company.

Check below for all the photos or head on over to Jalopnik for the complete story.

  1. This ride hit the front page of the local paper in Lawrence. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve drive by there nearly everyday. My wife and I frequent the ‘Sonic’ in my ’03 SVT Cobra vert across the street. LJWorld.com has some cool information as well. Rock Chalk.

  2. I have read a lot on the ‘net about this car and wanted to correct some ‘inaccurate ‘ information about it. I’ve known this car since it first appeared on the streets of Lawrence Kansas around 1973. 38 years. I tried to buy it from Gail, the owner many times. The most recent being a little over a year ago when I offered her $60,000 for it . It WAS NOT SITTING IN OR BEHIND A SHED – EVER! It was sitting in a dry, safe one car garage on the ground level of the office building the owner of the car owned along with her dad. A friend of mine had the office accross from hers upstairs. IT WAS NOT COVERED WITH AN ” unimaginable amount of junk.” as I have read, although it did have some things sitting on it. This was her daily driver for years. I had a 68 Shelby G.T. 500 and a half dozen BOSS 302 Mustangs at the time. I was a member of SAAC for 10 years. I could never get her to hook up in a street race. To my knowledge and everything I heard through the years, she never drove it hard. Her boyfriend at the time had a 69/70 Shelby 500. The car has always had Florida plates on it. I asked her why once , but don’t remember her answer from so many years ago. The car has spent it’s entire life in Lawrence except for an occasional trip to Florida. It was never abused and it is REAL! She said she would never sell it and she was right. Sad.

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