Ford Mustang Sales Numbers & Figures – United States Market

Annual U.S Market Sales Figures for the Mustang

Mustang Sales Data - US

Annual U.S Market Sales Figures for the Mustang

Check our in depth data and analysis on Mustang sales figures for the United States automotive market. Obviously the U.S market is the bulk of global Mustang sales and that is no different recently. As you can see from the table below sales have bounced around over the last decade or so for Mustang. 2007 till 2009 say steady declines in sales thanks to the financial crisis and a softening for demand for sporty cars.

Sales picked up again in 2012 through 2015 and have fallen by double digits each year since then. The broader market for sporty cars has steadily declined over the same period so it is no surprise to see the Mustang feel the same pain. That goes a long way to explaining why we are seeing the Mustang Mach-E make an appearance.

U.S Annual Mustang Sales Figures

U.S Mustang Sales Growth Chart