Ford Mustang Sales Numbers & Figures – European Market

Annual Europe Market Sales Figures for the Mustang

Europe Sales Figures Mustang

Annual European Market Sales Figures for the Mustang

Check our in depth data and analysis on Mustang sales figures for the European automotive market. Europe was a very small market for the Mustang until the sixth generation car was released in 2015. Thanks to the EcoBoost Inline 4 engine and its regulation friendly specifications the Mustang became a viable volume car in Europe.

The result is clear in the table and charts below as the Mustang muddled along with less than a thousand sales units per year in Europe and then jumped in 2015 and has continued strongly since then. Peak sales of 15,200 units in 2016 were offset with some declines in 2016 through 2019, but in broad strokes sales still hovered around 10,000 units a year in Europe which is a big jump from the dark days prior to 2015.

Europe Annual Mustang Sales Figures

Europe Mustang Sales Growth Chart