Ford Mustang Production Numbers – By Year

Mustang Sales Figures by Year

Ford Mustang Sales Figures

Mustang Sales Figures by Year

Below we have a data table and growth charts showing all Mustang production from 1964 till today. Every Mustang and every year are shown. But first, let’s go back to the beginning.

The Ford Mustang is one of the best seller cars of all time. The first generation of Mustang launched halfway through April of 1964 and it jumped out of the gates to become one of the most successful car launches of all time, with production numbers that executives today would drool over. In 1965, 1966 and 1976 the Mustang sold 559k, 607k and 472k units respectively, amazing numbers that were the peak for the Mustang. Sales of the first generation Mustang slowed until the next generation Mustang was launched.

In 1974 due to the Federal government’s rules driven by an oil shortage, Ford no longer offered the V8 powerhouse in the Mustang and while many expected that to hurt sales, the 1974 model year sold well with 385k units produced. That first year of each new generation pop occurred again with the 370k units sold in 1979 as the third generation Mustang hit the dealerships.

At this point onwards the Mustang sales figures say it all, the Mustang sold well, with production numbers in the 120k and 215k Mustangs sold through till this day. Recent years have seen consumer behavior change and we are seeing sedans fall out of favor and the Mustang has not been spared. We are optimistic that the electric Mustang Mach-E can help boost Mustang sales in the coming years.

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Annual Mustang Production Figures

Below is an in-depth table that shows you the Mustang sales figures every year of its production life so far. We have calculated the growth rate so you can see which years were good and bad for the folk at Ford. There are a few years we don’t have total production for and we are working on getting it.

Annual Mustang Growth Chart

Sometimes you need to see data visually to truly appreciate it. You can see below from the Mustang growth chart that the early years of the Mustang production was clearly the best. Multiple years with more than 500k units made per year in the 1960s has not been repeated again and the decline in the most recent decade is even more pronounced in the charts.