Ford Mustang Production Numbers – 6th Generation

Fifth Generation Mustang Sales Figures by Year

Ford Mustang Production Numbers - 6th Generation

Sales Figures for the 6th Generation Mustang

The current Mustang is the best Mustang so far. The car was updated in all departments and as a value proposition it is still an affordable sports car like no other. It seems however that the Mustang’s life is changed forever.

Sales over the last five years have continued to freefall from a high of 165,100 units when the sixth generation Mustang was launched to just on 100,000 units over the last year or two. Add the Corona virus to the mix and surely the Mustang is going to be relegated to a bit, niche player moving forward.

We hope that electric Mustang Mach-E can revive the brand and car we know and bring back some sales success.

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6th Generation Mustang Sales Figures

6th Generation Mustang Sales Chart

% of Total 6th Generation Sales by Year