Ford Mustang Production Numbers – 5th Generation

Fifth Generation Mustang Sales Figures by Year

Ford Mustang Production Numbers - 5th Generation

Sales Figures for the 5th Generation Mustang

The fifth generation of Mustang committed even more to the retro styling of earlier models with a truly muscular look. The front grille and headlight placement highly resembled the earliest Mustang models. There was also a mid-lifecycle update for the fifth generation Mustang too.

Sales volumes for the fifth generation Mustang started off in the 150k to 170k range for the first few years before the financial crisis totally decimated sales to below 50,000 units for the first time in Mustang history. While sales did come back in the later years of the fifth generation Mustang, the reality is that consumer tastes had started to work against the car. Sports and passenger cars were on the decline and SUVs and crossovers were all the rage.

Note: We still haven’t managed to get our hands on the 2013 Mustang production numbers so that is why that cell is missing in the table and chart. 

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5th Generation Mustang Sales Figures

5th Generation Mustang Sales Chart

% of Total 5th Generation Sales by Year