2019 Mustang – Wheels Information

2019 mustang wheels

2019 Mustang Wheels

A summary of the wheel options for the 2019 model year Mustang

EcoBoost Premium
20″ x 9″ Premium Painted
EcoBoost Premium: Optional
EcoBoost: Available
18″ x 8″ Machined-Face with High-Gloss Ebony
Black-Painted Pockets
EcoBoost: Available EcoBoost Premium: Standard
EcoBoost: Optional
18″ x 8″ Machined-Face with Low-Gloss Ebony Black-Painted Pockets
EcoBoost: Optional
EcoBoost/EcoBoost Premium
19″ x 8.5″ Polished EcoBoost/EcoBoost Premium: Available
EcoBoost: Standard Wheels
17″ x 8″ Sparkle Silver-Painted EcoBoost: Standard