1987 Mustang – Mechanical Information

1987 Ford Mustang Mechanical Information & Drawings

Axle Information

Your Mustang will be equipped with a Vehicle certification label on the driver’s side door jam. This label will show your axle code under the “AX” slot.

All axles for these years are integral carrier type axles, however they will come in two sizes; a 7.5 inch and an 8.8 inch. There is a small metal tag bolted to the axle on the bottom line of the tag will be 3 pieces of information. The first piece will be the ratio, the second piece will tell you the ring gear size (7.5 or 8.8) and the last piece of information will be the build date (year, month & day).


Axle identification Ratio and Type
B 2.47 Axle Ratio – Conventional
C 2.47Axle Ratio – Limited slip
8 2.73 Axle Ratio – Conventional
M 2.73 Axle Ratio – Limited slip
Y 3.08 Axle Ratio – Conventional
Z 3.08 Axle Ratio – Limited slip
F 3.45 Axle Ratio – Conventional
R 3.45 Axle Ratio – Limited slip
5 3.27 Axle Ratio – Conventional
E 3.27 Axle Ratio – Limited slip
W 3.73 Axle Ratio – Limited slip

The following tabel contains torque specifications if repairing the axle

U bolt nuts to pinion flange 8 – 15 lbs
Differential pinion shaft lock bolt 15 – 22 lbs
Axle fille plug 15 – 30 lbs
Axle cover plate bolts 10 – 15 lbs
Anti-lock speed sensor 40 – 60 inch lbs
7.5 axle pinion shaft nut 170 ft lbs
8.8 axle pinion shaft nut 140 ft lbs
(4) rear of driveshaft bolts to axle companion flange 70 – 95 ft lbs
Upper axle arms to axle 70 – 100 ft lbs
upper axle arms to frame 120 ft lbs
lower coil spring axle arm to axle 70 – 100 ft lbs
Lower axle arm to frame 90 – 95 ft lbs
Upper shock absorber nuts 14 – 26 ft lbs
Lower shock absorber nuts 85 ft lbs


Brake Information

The following diagrams and pictures show how the exhaust on a 1986 – 1983 Mustang are routed and a couple of the different pieces

Carburetor Information

Distributor Information

Exhaust Information

Transmission Information

Code Transmission
4 Four speed overdrive (SROD)
5 Five speed manual
5 Five speed manual overdrive
6 Borg Warner 4 speed manual
7 4 Speed overdrive (RUG)
7 4 Speed (ET)
V 3 Speed automatic C3
W 3 Speed Automatic C4
C 3 Speed Automatic C5
T Automatic Over Drive (AOD)
Z C-6 Police automatic

Vacuum Information

Wheel and Tire Information