1978 Ford Mustang Production Numbers

1978 Production Stats

1978 Ford Mustang Production

1978 Ford Mustang Production & Sales Numbers

The 1978 Mustangs were to be the last of the Mustang II breed. The Mustang II saw a send off similar to the first generation Mustang, with a nice bump on sales units. 1978 saw the Mustang sell 192,410 units, up 26% from the prior year sales of 153,173 units. We suspect aggressive incentives played a part.

There were a few small surprises in the packages that sold well. The Hardtop coupe  was the top seller at 81,304 units which was not surprising, but the hatchback sold just over 60,000 units which made up 31% of total sales and surprised me when I looked at the data. The coupe Ghia also sold well with almost 35,000 sales units for 1978.

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