1974 Ford Mustang Production Numbers

1974 Production Stats

Ford Mustang 1974. CN-7403-415

1974 Ford Mustang Production & Sales Numbers

With the scarcity of gasoline, motorists needed more fuel-efficient cars., Tastes had also shifted to smaller cars so Ford made the Mustang II to align with those trends. First year sales of the Mustang II were strong, with a total of 385,993 Mustangs sold in 1974.

Total production was up 186% year on year and gave Ford momentum as the new model flew out of dealerships. For reference, Ford had not sold more than 300,000 Mustangs since 1968, almost 6 years earlier. This growth was great. The hardtop coupe was the big sellers with 177k units sold with the Ghia version of the hardtop selling just under 90k units. The hatchback body sold 75k units in base trim while the Mach 1 in the same hatchback body style sold another 44k units.

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